Find out the skills that you will require as a registered nurse and to perform duties effectively.

4 crucial skills you need to be a registered nurse

Registered nurses have an essential role to play in the healthcare system. They take care of the patients in the hospital, play the role of mediator as they link the patient to the doctor and the family and they also carry out instructions from the doctor to ensure that all the required medical procedures are done. They also administer medicine, perform minor operations and use medical equipment. To do this, registered nurses must possess certain crucial skills like organizational abilities, communication skills, delegation abilities and problem solving. This is on top of the educational requirements in which registered nurses should have a bachelor of science or an associate degree in nursing or be a graduate of an accredited nursing program.

Good Organizational skill

Being a registered nurse you will be required to perform various tasks including managing patients. The workload sometimes can be so much, and you will be required to have your organizational skills polished up. You need to plan your schedule properly as this will enable you to do all that you have planned to do within the required timeframe. This will eliminate the need for you to do things haphazardly that will end up causing major medical blunders.

Excellent Communication Skills

Good communication is the backbone of everything we do, and so it is imperative we get to improve on how we communicate. As a nurse, you will have constant communication with fellow nurses and patients, and so you need to be good in the way you communicate either in written form or through verbal means. Ensure that you try to communicate in a very clear and understandable manner so that people get the message you are putting across. Use proper punctuation, good handwriting, and grammar when communicating in written form.

Skills in Solving Problems

Employers always look out for potential employees who have the knack of seeing problems and coming up with creative solutions to solve them. As a nurse you will find yourself in certain situations whereby you will be required to come up with solutions in your workplace be it dealing with non-corporative patients or employees and dealing with health related problems among others. The solutions you will be coming up with should be workable, sustainable and result orientated.

Ability to Delegate Work

Sometimes working at the hospital can involve many tasks such as dealing with countless of patients and also handling other roles. Some of the tasks will be urgent while others will not, but all need to be handled and completed. So to succeed in all this, you will have to delegate some of the duties to other people or to your fellow nurses to handle. This reduces the pressure on you and helps you carry out tasks in a more relaxed manner resulting in hospital operations running smoothly. If you overburden yourself with too much to do, you will end up not doing a good job.

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