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Sample management consulting resume

For one to become a management consultant, he/she needs to bring out a tone in their resume that will get them this opportunity. Management consulting is one of the competitive fields in the working world and breaking into it requires a substantial and perfect resume. Recruiters have always assumed that your resume is a correct representation of who you are because that's the first impression you set. Breaking into the world of management consulting is a serious goal that requires you to craft a high-quality resume that sets you up as unique and compelling for that position. It must be convincing to the recruiter so that you can get to the next level of testing, interviews, and any other assessments.

A sample of the management consulting resume

Pamela Mckinsey
590 Cusark Street, Chicago 00000 (555) 333 222
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Executive Management Consulting


  • Effective in boosting sales revenues and influencing unit recognition and productivity through an advanced level of leadership and different implementations.
  • Prominent leader and strategic developer with an active, vibrant background organizing start-ups as well as boosting organizational performance through skillful restructuring.
  • A skilled communicator, presenter, and trainer with success in targeting large groups of people while impacting corporate performance.

Key competencies

  • Organizational: Financial reporting, budget preparation, and planning, Cost control and expense reductions, Profit and loss management.
  • Operations Management: Human resources, personnel benefits, team building, group facilitation, Training/development.
  • Public relations: community presentations, contract negotiations board participation, team facilitation and member management.

Professional experience

ARF Consulting service 2012 to present

Executive Consultant - Vice President

  • Conducted leadership and management seminars for undergraduates.
  • Led a team of 100+ to a 20% sales increase by developing and implementing a workable plan to support advertising policies for a new line of footwear product.
  • Chosen to serve as a board member of the National Trade Association for the American Council on Life Insurance.
  • Successfully maintained top national ratings through the five year period I have served here.

Revenue Growth

  • Boosted the annual sales for three years consecutively from $25M to over $40M. Through skillful market penetration, negotiation and cultivation of a critical partnership with national firms that enabled the organization to offer the best footwear. As a result, connections also grew with 15% for the first time in 8 years.

Expense reductions

  • Slashed the budget by 30% in the first year of my employment due to strategic planning and implementation, exceeding goals and forecasts through a massive expenditure reduction.


Yale University 2014

B.S. Degree G.P.A X.X/4X

  • Concentration: Marketing and Finance
  • Relevant courses: strategic management, corporate finance, consumer behavior, international finance, marketing management and strategic management.

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