An employee of the year is selected using a given criteria which vary between different organizations. However, what is common is that the employee needs to have exemplary performance surpassing their duty, produces high-quality work and a team player. The award goes hand in hand with a write-up. This is information concerning the employee's performance that has earned him or her that award. What has the employee done to deserve the prize? Creating the write-up requires deep thought and research to have well-presented and accurate information.

How to write an employee of the year write-up

  1. Start by finding out performance information about the employee based on selection criteria. What has the employee done that surpasses what others are doing? For instance, has the employee taken on extra tasks without questioning, does he/she portrays leadership qualities, how are her personality and attitude?
  2. Write a first draft based on the information gathered. You should specify why the employee's performance is considered exceptional based on the criteria. Ensure you cover all points in the selection criteria. Explain how the employee's performance is beneficial to the company and the traits that other employees should emulate.
  3. Write a final draft that encompasses all the employees' achievements. Check whether the facts are right, there are no spelling and grammatical mistakes. Do the final proofreading.
  4. Once you are satisfied, put your name and signature at the bottom. Submit the write up to the relevant recipient.

When Margaret joined the company two years ago, she was an intern. She hit the ground running and learned the ropes fast. She is now one of the employees at the front desk. What is notable is her exemplary customer service. She always has a smile for the clients and other employees. Margaret picks the calls with a smile that you can ‘hear' on the other end. She also deals with difficult clients professionally both on the telephone and at the front desk. Her ability to multitask leaves many with wow. She could be serving a customer without neglecting the ringing phone. It is hard to imagine the front desk without Margaret with her welcoming smile and the attitude to assist at all times. Our customers are over satisfied with her service, and so are the other employees. Margaret is an excellent employee who deserves the award.

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