An employee may require nominations from colleagues, supervisor or managers to win the employee of the year award. The persons writing a nomination letter needs to give reasons why they are nominating a particular employee for the award. It demonstrates the qualities the nominee holds that make him deserve the award. For it letter to be effective, it should focus on the qualities that the award committee is looking for, brief and to the point.

How to write a nomination letter for employee of the year award

Use a professional language.The letter should be professional. Address the letter properly such as saying “Dear Mr. John”, or “To The Committee.” Include reference which should state why you are writing the letter. Include a few sentences on how the candidate meets the qualities being recognized by the award.

Cover the basics. Explain the relationship you have with the candidate and his or her accomplishments. Compare the achievements with the company's goals. State why you feel the candidate should receive the award. The letter should give evidence that the nominee deserves to get the award.

Keep it brief. A few paragraphs would suffice. Keep your focus on accomplishments, skills, traits and contributions that make the nominee suitable for the award.

Sample employee of the year award nomination letter

Dear Mr. X

Nomination of Mary Jane as a nominee of the employee of the year award

I would like to nominate Mary Jane for the Employee of the year award. Mary is a dedicated, punctual, innovative employee who also portrays leadership qualities. I have been working with her in the same department for three years now, and I have seen how she performs her tasks with zeal.

Mary is usually at the forefront when any employee needs assistance with his or her work. In most cases, she takes the role of the team leader and has seen many projects completed under her leadership. She has a keen ear and knows how to assign tasks to the right candidate.She leads her teams to success all the time

Mary always looks for ways to accomplish project goals easier and of late, she is behind the new software that simplifies client onboarding. Her leadership skills and positive attitude are evident on how she leads the team successfully. It is with these qualities that I find Mary worthy of the employee of the year award.


Mark Andrews.

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