Learn how to write an employee of the year letter and use our sample to write a quality letter.

Employee of the Year sample letter

The employee of the year award is eyed by most of the employees in the company and treated with such awe. It is a message that recognizes the best employee who has made an enormous positive contribution to their workplace or team bringing such remarkable productivity. It contains specific details of the employee receiving recognition and their contribution to the company. The employee of the year letter accompanies any other gift to be presented whether monetary award, certificates or trophy. It has to be signed by the managers or supervisors or the company's CEO. Employee recognition and awarding tell the staff that the management is thinking about them and following closely what they do motivating them even to do better.

A sample of the employee of the year letter

The Vine Bottlers
12345 - Texas
15th Street, Down Town.

Jude Mayor,
3456 - texas

Ref: Employee of the Year
Congratulations! You are our employee of the year 2015 for the Vine Bottlers. There was stiff competition but you emerged as the most loyal employee we have had this entire year.
As The Vine Bottlers, we wish to appreciate you regarding your excellent performance. Your hard work, enthusiasm, interest, and love for what you do have enabled you to soar high both in quality and quantity of work you deliver.

Because of your continuous efforts, the company has increased its size and profitability - you are a real asset to our business. Despite all the difficulties the company experienced during the year, you proved that it is possible to overcome the challenges and build a major success.

We have noted your selfless giving to the company ensuring all the projects are well researched and completed in due course within the set deadlines. Your hunger for excellence and professionalism has brought a change in your department even if you are not the team leader.

Your communication skills are a notch higher together with your attitude are something the rest of the employees can borrow from you.

Your award consists of a certificate of achievement, a trophy, and a holiday voucher to spoil yourself and your loved one worth $2,000.

We expect you to keep the same spirit and even set higher goals. We are hoping the company will provide enough opportunities to make you and other employees thrive in their place of function. Grow your innovative thinking to the levels you will challenge us to new heights!


Mark Twain,
Senior Manager
Human Resource Department

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