Employ these conflict management and negotiation skills to resolve conflict and to have a peaceful coexistence.

4 key conflict management and negotiation skills

Conflicts will always be there, either at a personal level, company level or group level. But what is critical and very imperative is how to manage these conflicts. Conflict need to be managed in a way that it does not lead to other more serious issues. If handled badly, conflict can then develop into nasty scenes that could have been simply avoided with proper management. Conflict arises due to differences in interests, ideas, opinion or even resources. So for proper conflict management, there is the need to emphasize on the following key skills that include negotiation skill, listening skill, emotional intelligence, and teamwork.

Negotiations skill

It is a very critical skill that determines whether a solution to a particular conflict will be arrived at or not. The aim of negotiation is to come to a compromise or agreement while trying as much as possible to reduce disputes or disagreements. With negotiation, both the parties table their issues and a compromise is arrived at in such a manner that all parties feel it is a win-win situation.

Active Listening

When trying to solve a conflict, it is crucial for you to listen very actively at what the parties are saying. This will help you to get valuable information that will enable you to make right decisions during the negation process. Allow both sides time to explain their points thoroughly, and with this you will be in a better position to seek clarification on points you might not get clearly.

Emotional intelligence

It is vital that the person negotiating between the parties should keep his or her emotions in check at all times. Negotiating on very contentious issues can be frustrating and can lead to emotions running wild.  Therefore, it is imperative that the negotiator keeps his or her emotions and that of the disagreeing parties in check so as to not allow things to get out of control.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Negotiation is not a one-sided affair. It is all about teamwork and collaboration to ensure that the issue on the table is handled in the right manner and solved. The negotiators should have the ability to make sure that the clashing parties collaborate throughout the conflict resolution process so as to reach an agreeable solution.

Conflicts require great understanding and the person guiding the resolution should display excellent conflict management and negotiation skills at all times.

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