In most cases, providing the employee with training opportunities is a perfect way to reduce the turnover, reduce skill gaps in the workplace and increase the productivity of the organization.  As a manager, time saving should be the key focus and thus be targeting the high-tech software. Training the employee is a major step towards any company success and as a manager, you have to make the best choice when investing in a software and for you to achieve better results. Here is a compilation of top 10 employee development software you should consider.


Panopto is a useful software for making videos for training, presentation, and teachings. The platform works well as a training platform for employee and it tailorable according to your company needs. This development software can be essential in making a business library where you can record videos, presentation, conferences.

www.comevo.comonline orientation

Online orientation is a development program suitable for an organization that conducts more training per year. A well-streamlined software that does not require more advanced training to use. The employee can reference conference materials, training tutorials.


Offercraft is an employee incentive program with a combination of games, dynamic sensor rewards and has a powerful analytic tool. The software focuses on the employee behavior activities, and it's an excellent tool to convince the employee to take a piece of training that you always want them to.


Mindflash is an online training software that helps create past content such as power point presentations into online training that is readily accessible to the employees and the partners. The employee development software builds pre-report after evaluating the performance after training.


Bridge is a cloud base development software that is accessible from anywhere. It's one of the best, and it's not only applicable to training employee but keep records of employee feedback and the kind of training they want.


A mentorship program that is useful in onboarding processes. It is automated to provide training and mentorship, track and store relevant data


A real time tracking software suitable to be incorporated into employees' daily routine. The manager can give feedback and comments on the employee progress frequently.


An interactive and more engaging platform that is more likely to keep your employees more engaged in the training you are providing to them. Help in the art of presentation.

www.atrixware.comAxis LMS

A social and interactive platform that allows the employee to interact, engage and communicate about training sessions. Turn training to a better engaging discussion.


A useful employee development software that helps create all type of training including events, workshops and conferences. The software has a simple interface, and it is a time saver.

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