Learn how to surprise your employees during the annual company picnic day by applying the following ideas.

Top 28 Employee Appreciation Picnic Ideas

Employee appreciation picnic is an appealing idea in a corporate. Organisation picnics is another way to strengthen workplace relations, show appreciation to the employee for their hard work and boost the morale of the staffs. Though the day may involve budgeting and look casual on the surface, the company picnic is something that should not be cut off. When looking for employee appreciation picnic ideas, think about the activities that will bring your employees together.

During an employee picnic day, the company portrays its family value. Employees support each other. Remember that all year, meetings and other functions related to the business takes place, but on such a special day, there is the involvement of spouses, children and even the well-wishers. With the following employee appreciation picnic ideas, you can be able to surprise you employees by incorporating as part of your plan in the picnic day.

Fun activities

  • Face paints- hire a face painter and encourage company logo paints among your employees.
  • Candy cotton- rent a popcorn and candy cotton machine.
  • Gymnastic- hire a gymnastic to perform.
  • Entertainers- jugglers, magicians, etc.
  • Horse racing- take employees to horse race event or any sport of their choice.

Food ideas

  • Hot dogs- serve hot dogs and hamburgers.
  • Ice-cream- offer free ice-cream to both young and adults.
  • Peanuts- serve peanuts
  • Drinks-provide all kind of drinks on a special day.
  • Invite recipes- encourage the employee to give a method to their most favorite food.

Awards idea

  • Trophy-provide an award to winners of individual events to the company.
  • Parking tickets- free parking on the specific days.
  • Public recognition- appreciate the best employees on the day.
  • Vacation-surprise employee with a weekend stays at a hotel or an island.
  • Newsletter prints- take pictures on the picnic day and publish them in the bulletin.

Theme ideas

  • Country theme- use the country environment as part of your picnic items.
  • Table covers- choose a table cover different from your previous events.
  • Clothing- clown attires of flower t-shirts will do the trick.
  • Gingham- gingham t-shirts and even table prints.
  • Safari theme-

Sport ideas

  • Games- play volleyball football and other games
  • Potato sack races- for both children and adults
  • Strength tug war- let the employee from various department tug using ropes.
  • Race tracks- let employees compete on race tracks and even wheelbarrow racing for kids.
  • Inflatable castles- create bouncing castles for the children.
  • Softballs-it’s an engaging sports activity for both adults and children.

Decoration ideas

  • Balloons- use a colorful ball as part of your decoration.
  • Red party-use ginghams party kit.
  • White clothes- let executive wear white clothes on the day.

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