Learn how to make an announcement for your upcoming employee appreciation day using our template

Steps to Make Employee Appreciation Day Announcement

As a manager, I believe you fully understand why employee recognition is important. Disregarded employees can destroy your organization relationship with the customers leading to the loss of clients and poor productivity. On the other hand, Appreciated employee are motivated to perform their daily tasks. In fact, employees are likely to engage the customers, and this significantly improves sales productivity.

Consider implementing an appreciation day for business. Creating an appreciation day and rewarding the employees will boost the employees to perform and also create a positive competitive work area. An appreciation day can be done once in a month, quarterly, semi and annually.

Steps of Employee appreciation day announcement


The first move should be to appreciate the employee. Recognition should be done precisely and should be realistic.

State the date

Clearly indicate the time, when the employee appreciation day will be.

Have a theme

The committee is expected to come up with award items for the appreciation day. The items should complement the employee NIL the appreciation day and the awards. Example include the employee of the year, team of the year award, outstanding employees’ award, etc.

Indicate the Awards 

The employee is expected to come up with eligibility criteria, and also awards selection. Eligibility is done to identify the employee to be granted and nominated for a gift. On the other hand range of awards should be meaningful to the employee receiving them.


Appreciation day will involve not only awards but also some activities such as social days, and games may be planned.

The marketing committee is responsible for making the recognition program known to the employee. Here are examples which you can make the announcement;

  • Use award program flyers
  • Send email to the employees
  • Use organization newsletter
  • Use the company’s website
  • The company billboard or the bulletin.
  • Public announcement in a meeting

Example of an annunciation letter

Dear employees

Our fiscal year is almost coming to an end. We would like to thanks the employee for the commitment towards achieving the company objectives. We have increased the productivity by 20% and thanks to your effort this is the best year for the enterprise.

With great pleasure the company announce the 28th week to an appreciation week. The company will appreciate and recognize employee through rewards and activities as a way of gratitude to the employee. Activities include games, awards, luncheon and more exciting activities.

Thank you for all your commitment and making this a better company. We hope you look forward to the week events.



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