Check out our employee appreciation activities ideas and apply them on the appreciation day.

Top 30 Employee Appreciation Day Activities Ideas

With the appreciation day just around the corner, you need to come up with activities that will engage the employee and feel as they are part of the organization. You may be having daily appreciation day strategies, but that doesn’t mean that you have to let the appreciation day look like the other typical day. As a manager, look for employee recognition activities ideas that will keep the employee engaged in the appreciation day.

Employee appreciation activities should not only be substantial. Look for activities that will make the employee feel recognized, valued, loved or even respected by the firm. There are many appreciation activities you can undertake in that day. Here are some of the employee recognition activities ideas to use during the appreciation day.

Health-boosting ideas

  • Yoga- let the employee have free yoga or attend any aerobics class.
  • Meditation- hire an expertise to assist in the reflection process.
  • Spa- take a spa with your employees.
  • Surprise Therapist- Surprise your staff with free massage on the appreciation day.
  • Heath software- award your employees with health track software that measure sleep, steps, etc.


  • Public Bulletin- on appreciation day, put up billboards featuring your performing employees.
  • Go social- use social organization software as a way of recognizing employees.
  • Peer recognition- let the employee nominate the most performing employee.
  • Note-A thank you to all of your employees.
  • Trophy-make it an award day where the employees receive prizes.

Fun ideas

  • Camping day- let your representative attend camps and enjoy.
  • Comedy shows- jokes and comedian show on a special day.
  • Trip- take a field trip with your employees.
  • Concerts- buy your employees tickets to attend shows in the town.
  • Sports- gamify the day and make it memorable.

Organisation ideas

  • Educational day- let the employee meet the executive and ask questions
  • Personal career- focus on personal employee career on that day.
  • Office layout- change the furniture and design of the room on the appreciation day.
  • Training- budget a training activity.
  • Flexibility day- let the employee do whatever they feel like on the appreciation day.

Classic ideas

  • Half off day- let the employee work half a day.
  • Party – hold a party on the appreciation day.
  • No office day- let the employee report to work and other stuff not related to work.
  • Vacation time- pay for your employee vacation.
  • New electronics- buy new laptops, phones on their appreciation day.

Food ideas

  • Catered lunch- cater for employee lunch or even dinner.
  • Snacks- let employee enjoy meals during working hours.
  • High-quality treats- sweets, candy bars, cakes, etc.
  • Pizza party- they will love it!
  • Picnic- let an employee bring each other a picnic basket and enjoy together.

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