Top 28 Employee appreciation day activities

Employees are the heart of all businesses thus without them the business will not thrive. As a manager, employee recognition activities should come first in your organization list. Credit encourages the employee to improve their performance thus increasing the productivity of the firm. Also, employee recognition activities should increase the level of engagement of your employees.

Employee appreciation day is important in every organization and the activities of that day should differ from any other day routines. Being appreciated feels right, and if done to staff it makes them proud of their work. Employee appreciation day activities help in retention of employees and even attracting other employees to your company. Here are some Employee appreciation day activities you should consider for your organization.

Working condition

  • Invest in their training - recognize them by paying for their training
  • Give them a chance to do what they love-employees work best in their strengths
  • Flexible hours- don’t push them to let them work when they want to
  • Bring educational motivators-let they receive mentorship.
  • Office renovation-bring in new and modern furniture
  • Name tags- place an employee name on facility or their desks 
  • Give them a break- give them a day off work


  • Trip- let them bond with each other along with the trip
  • Movie night- buy tickets for them and let them watch the movie
  • Sports- let them have a play day and compete amongst themselves
  • Concerts-bring concerts to the office and lets them have fun
  • Music-incorporate music by employee choice to play all day in the background


  • Cater for their lunch and breakfast- acknowledge the busy day by providing for their lunch
  • Celebrate birthdays-remember your staff through birthdays
  • Employee of the month- recognize the best employee of the month
  • Feature your employees in the business magazine- let them be known
  • Post acknowledgment notes-leave thank you notes on their desks
  • Let it go public- post the best employee on the company website

Well-being of employees

  • Massage-hire a massage therapist and give every employee a spa
  • Yoga-hire a yoga teacher to host classes for the employees
  • Gym-construct a gymnasium in the office
  • Meditation-bring in an expert to help the employees reduce stress
  • Life coach- hire an expertise to help them work on what they want

Gifts and rewards

  • Bonuses-reward them appropriately
  • Cake-bake them a cake and celebrate
  • Trophy- award the best with a trophy
  • Flowers-place flowers on their desks
  • Voucher-give them a voucher for shopping

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