Employees work hard for the success of the company that is why it is important to acknowledge their efforts using appreciation messages. The messages are an inexpensive yet effective way of telling your staff that you notice their effort. They can be written on a card, a piece of paper, the company's newsletter or even on the computer screen. The essential thing is to convey them as much as possible.

Employee appreciation messages are words given by a manager or a supervisor, to the staff, to convey gratitude for various accomplishments such as work well done, a completed project, dedication from employees and any other task that requires a pat on the back. Expressing appreciation to employees can help in motivating and engaging them.

How to use employees' appreciation messages effectively

Just like any other form of recognition, appreciation messages should be used in a way to ensure they serve the intended purpose. It would be unwise to thank a non-performing employee while those giving their best are not recognized.

Set limits of what should be appreciated. While a thank-you can be fit for any job well done even in an unpremeditated appreciation, giving a thank-you card may need contemplating whether an employee deserves it. Should you write a message to an employee who arrives on time everyday or should you leave it to a team that completes a task successfully? Setting limits can help you to establish employee behavior that needs recognition so that you do not seem to be favoring some staff and leaving out others.

Use a relevant message. There is a lot one can say to appreciate hard work and dedication. However, using the right message matters. Did the employee complete a project on time, did they work overtime without complaining or did they exceed expectation. The appreciation message should be related to what an employee has done and if possible, customize it to their personality.

Samples of employee appreciation messages

  • I understand it has been hectic over the last few weeks, but your job is great. Keep it up. The season will be over soon.
  • Thank you for your dedication and hard work. We value your contribution.
  • Thank you for being a good example of excellence to your colleagues.
  • Thank you for being reliable and someone who can be counted on.
  • We greatly appreciate your contribution to the company. Thank you for always being ready to help

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