Although appreciation should be done regularly, it is important to have an employee appreciation day to recognize various employees. This can be set either at the end of a company's financial year or the starting of another year. How do you prepare for the day? These employee appreciation day ideas can offer you great choices.

Inexpensive gift items

  • A bouquet of flowers can go a long way in making the employees feel appreciated
  • Offer a gift card- You can give them a gift card to the local exquisite coffee café or a pizza joint.
  • Provide a congratulatory card - A well-decorated card with complementary remarks may be all you need to say you are thankful for your employees' efforts.
  • Send a thank you note to the top performer - A thank you note sent through email and signed by colleagues together with the executives of the organization, can mean a lot.
  • You can also give employee badges with their names on it and their achievements

Applaud them

  • Send a word to other employees about the performance of the employee.
  • Be polite and friendly to them.
  • Encourage those employees who are furthering their education and their career.
  • Place a placard in front of their office and a banner at the reception where every person who comes to the organization can see them.
  • Applaud them during the annual general meeting of the company.

Celebrate employees' accomplishments

  • Appreciate their achievements in the business and in their personal lives, including the birth of a child or marriage.
  • Honor employees when they win awards for the company.
  • Offer promotion for employees who have performed beyond the expectations of the company.
  • Revamp their office- This can include furniture, curtains, and any other items.
  • Complete an initiative you have been promising to implement.

Great treats

  • Offer an employee a vacation. The provision might extend to their life partners and family.
  • Create a pizza party where all the colleagues and the executives are invited.
  • Invite a manicurist or masseuse to the office to treat the top performers.
  • Provide holiday gift cards to the achievers to enjoy with their families.
  • Plan a dinner party for the employees, where the best will be recognized and rewarded.

Create a good rapport with the employees

  • Take new hires out for lunch.
  • Create a pizza party in the honor of top achievers where all the colleagues and the executives are invited.
  • Provide flexible schedules for the top performers.
  • Hold a one-on-one meeting with the high achievers and get to know them well.

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