It is not easy to keep track of your employees especially if your workforce comprises of a bigger number of people. Employing more people to patronize the rest of the workforce is even more dangerous to the company as it becomes extra expenses. How then do you make sure you know the daily happenings especially the number of hours worked?

An employee timesheet is an easy method devised to record and track the amount of time an employee worked. This timesheet reports the total number of hours spent by every employee working on a particular task or working throughout the day.

The timesheets are primarily used to facilitate payroll by providing an exact time for payment creating a drive for employees to work best knowing that they get pay only for the hours they work. Laziness becomes a thing of the past, as each employee learns accountability.

However, today they are used for both payrolls and to track the onset and completion of projects and how long they take. Tracking helps the employers use the timesheet for planning for project costs and time and employees to work on them.

Many nations approve the use of the timesheet and is even put down as one of the rules of the Labor law for every company to keep. These rules allow the employee only to get paid for hours worked thus eliminating laziness in the place of work.

What features does an employee timesheet contain?

Samples of the employee timesheet template:

The multiple employee timesheet templates include features that are easy to use and friendly. These functions include Company's name, logo, full address, name, date and days of the week. Employees are provided with columns to input the hours worked every day.

The timesheets come in weekly, bi-weekly and monthly depending on how the company wants its records filed or how often you make payments. Once the group learns the secret of keeping these timesheets, they will realize that employees are working much harder and growing more productive.

Timesheets ensure you have a committed workforce to their job even with minimal supervision. It also cultivates a sense of accountability and responsibility for every employee in knowing they will have to account for their time every day both in their work and their time. Timesheets are the best accountability tool that has managed to keep employees in check without any physical supervisor.