Learn how to write an employee engagement survey introduction letter and discover a sample of the same.

Sample employee engagement survey introduction letter

Understanding the engagement levels of your company is imperative for the organization’s growth. However, before you conduct an employee engagement survey, make sure you have communicated to them about it adequately. A letter to all the staff will serve as an employee engagement survey introduction.

How to write the employee engagement survey introduction letter

Whether you are sending employees emails or letters, they should include the following:

Announcement of the upcoming survey

Use the first paragraph to inform the employees about the upcoming survey. Remember to include the commencing date as well as the period it will take to complete.

Purpose of the survey

What is the significance of the study? Regardless of them being your employees, it is important that they understand why you need them to participate in the process. While at it, do not dwell much on the benefits of the exercise to the organization, but tell them how they will gain in the long term. Demonstrate that you value their participation.


In this part tell the employees when the results will be shared and how. They deserve to know the findings of the engagement survey. However, if you do not have plans to share the results, do not promise. It will certainly work against you during the next survey.

Emphasize anonymity and confidentiality

Usually, engagement surveys ask about the real perceptions of the employees. If they are not assured of confidentiality, they may decline to participate, or if they do, they can provide biased data.

Explain how you intend to use the results and benefits

Just by telling your employees that you are seeking to determine employee satisfaction, does not motivate. You have to be specific on the way you will utilize the findings to improve engagement levels and job satisfaction.

If you include the above contents in your letter, you can be assured of 100% participation in your engagement survey. Remember to send the letter 2 weeks prior to the survey.

Employee engagement survey introduction letter sample

To: All Employees

From: CEO

Subject: Upcoming Employee Engagement Survey

In the coming four weeks, we will be carrying out an engagement survey that will involve everyone in the company. The surveys objective is to get a better understanding of employee engagement levels at the company. Your ideas, opinions, and suggestions are valuable to use. This survey presents you with a forum to express your thoughts on business practice among other aspects.

The results will be used to identify leaders who engage people positively. They will also inform policy change. Third, the results will be used to identify problems that disengage employees, decline customer satisfaction, and derail overall performance.

An independent company will carry out the survey on behalf of the organization. It will be posted online where you can access it. All the responses will be anonymous and confidential. Be honest when responding to the survey questions.

Upon analysis of data, we will share the findings with the whole organization. The management and the HR team will meet with groups to discuss improvement measures. If there are policies that need change, they will be. Leaders who are good in engaging others will be appreciated. In a nutshell, the organization will become a better place to work. We urge you to participate to ensure everyone is heard.

Thank you



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