Learn about the things to consider when doing an employee satisfaction survey analysis to ensure its effectiveness.

7 things to consider in an employee satisfaction survey analysis

Employee satisfaction surveys are a norm in most private organizations. To keep best talents and minimize staff turnover, various companies have turned to employee surveys to understand the issues that affect their employees. However, the analysis is of the results is equally important, since it provides insights into what motivates workers. Below is what you should consider when carrying out an employee satisfaction survey analysis:

Report immediately after survey

Once the survey results are out, communicate to the employees immediately. At this time, the employees will still have the survey objectives fresh in their mind.  Besides, the enthusiasm it will have generated will be present. 

Make the results simple to understand

The approach you choose for presenting the results should be simple for the employees to understand. It is important for them to make out the findings of the survey since they are a part of the implementation if any actions need to be taken. Breakdown the results based on how they relate to the different departments and sections. While some employees would want to know the findings at the organizational level, others will be more interested in the survey results of their teams.

Face-to-face communication method

For smaller teams, a face-to-face communication method will work best. This allows the team members to ask questions, and to recommend the reasons for the results.  However, if you are presenting results to the whole organization, this might not be a feasible approach.


Although some results might not be appealing, be honest enough to present them as such. If you want your employees to participate actively in the action planning, you should tell them the truth.  You should also celebrate successes and outline their root causes.

Providing interpretation

Do not just present raw data to the employees. Instead, find a way to interpret the results. They will be able to understand the interpreted findings better.

Use of statistical methods

Just presenting the results in figures is not enough. For better understanding, consider using the statistical methods to analyze the data and deduce the key factors that drive employee satisfaction.

Discussing the results with the teams

For best outcomes, consider discussing the results with teams in the organization. Their input will enable you to understand the data better than if you conducted the analysis all by yourself.  You can derive a lot from working with the teams.

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