Learn how one HR can measure the employee engagement level in his organization by conducting a survey analysis.

How to Conduct Employee engagement survey analysis

Survey measuring employee engagement has become quite common in most organizations.  Yes, it’s true that study will help you estimate how invested your employees are to your organization. With no doubt, an Employee engagement survey analysis will yield results that assist the HR manager to know the behavior and the attitude portrayed by the employee.

Employee engagement survey analysis usually is successful at identifying factors that may lead to employee engagement and disengagement at the workplace. The questionnaire study guide will perfectly show the HR executive whether the staffs are satisfied or dissatisfied at the workplace. When conducting employee engagement survey analysis, a lengthy questionnaire may be fatigue for the employee. Come up with short review list with fewer items so that to keep your employee engaged during the investigation. Here are things to consider when conducting an Employee engagement survey analysis.


  • The organization gives employee room to balance his work and personal life.
  • An employee is flexible with his/her responsibilities.
  • Enough time is given to staffs to execute their tasks flawlessly.
  • The load/responsibilities given to the employees is reasonable.
  • The environment at the workplace permits staff in doing their tasks successfully.


  • The staff highly respects the seniors' leaders
  • The leaders demonstrate strong leadership skills.
  • Employees appreciate and acknowledge their leaders.
  • Organisation management leads by example.
  • Leaders receive training to handle employees.


  • The employers provide feedback to the employees
  • Performance evaluation and feedback is encouraged by the superiors.
  • Evaluations are clear and fairly done.
  • Employees are highly appreciated.
  • The company has appreciation day to recognize the staffs for work well done.


  • Personal development is encouraged by the managers.
  • Staffs receive training to perform their task well.
  • The company promotes workers after some years if service.
  • A delegation of tasks is according to the employee’s skills and responsibilities.
  • Employees are involved in company decision-making.


  • Managers encourage collaboration activities
  • There are brainstorming activities within the enterprise.
  • Social day helps to improve the engagement of the staffs.
  • The company encourages teamwork through team projects.
  • Groups are encouraged and supported


  • The company delegates tasks to staff according to their skills.
  • Managers treat the employees equally and equitably.
  • The company promotion policy is fair.
  • Every employee has equal chances for development.
  • Managers are always Consistent when checking the status of the employee.

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