Use this discipline letter in your organisation to ensure employees adhere to company rules.

Sample employee discipline letter

Employees are expected to adhere to certain rules and regulations in the organization. Failure to do this they may necessitate the need to take disciplinary measures. Disciplining employees is meant to correct the undesirable behavior especially if there is persistence.

Letters such as warning letters, suspension letters and termination letters are used in the disciplinary process. These are meant to advice the employee on the decision taken by management regarding the indiscipline. Usually, written warning letters are written when an employee has been given verbal warnings severally but has not improved. Suspension and termination letters are given when the employee does not heed the warning, or the indiscipline is of a grievous nature.

How to write an employee discipline letter

An employee discipline letter should have a professional and factual tone, accurate and to the point.

Format the letter just like any other business letter. It should have the company letter head, the date it is written, employee’s name, address, reference and salutation.

Start the body of the letter by informing the employee of the wrongdoing that has caused the disciplinary letter to be written. Give details of any other communication that may have been held with the employee or if there was an investigation, give details.

Inform the employee of the effect of their indiscipline. Follow it up by stating the employee’s expected behavior in future and any help they may receive in amending the behavior. It should also contain the consequences of future misbehavior.

Include a section where the employee and the supervisor can sign. Employee’s signature is meant to acknowledge receipt of the discipline letter.

Sample employee discipline letter

Employee’s name



Re: Tardiness Warning

Dear […]

This is to notify you of reprimand for excessive tardiness. I have discussed with you severally about your late class attendance and the effect it has on the students. Our last meeting was on April 6 and you assured me you would go to class on time. However, my records indicate that you did not attend 5 classes on time last week.

Going to class on time is crucial in ensuring that the students cover the scheduled content on time. Going to class late leads to less content being covered. This affects the performance of our students.

Classes start from 8.00 am to 10.00 am, 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm. You are expected to go to class at those times. We will review your attendance record next week.

In future, if you fail to go to class on time, further disciplinary action will be taken which may include suspension and/or dismissal.

Please sign below to acknowledge receipt.



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