Learn how to write an employee referrals cover letter for your job application.

Employee referrals cover letter free template

A referrals is imperative for job seekers. Usually, recruiters tend to pay more attention to applicants, who have been referred by others. Therefore, you need to include a referrals in your application. The best way to do that is by attaching an employee referrals cover letter. How do you write one? What should you include? Below is how-to-steps for writing referrals cover letter:

How to write a referrals cover letter   

If a family member, acquaintance or a colleague to an employer has referred you, it is best to indicate so in your cover letter. Experts recommend that you should mention the person who referred you in the first paragraph of your letter. However, people have been known to put names of others in their cover letters, even without the consent of the individuals. Try not to make the same mistake, for it will be suicidal to your career. Most employers will want to ascertain that your referralss are true. Hence, it will not be good if you are caught cheating during this stage of the recruitment.

Mention the name and the type of the relationship, which you two have. In addition, state how you know the individuals and the amount of time, you have been acquainted. This is crucial since it offers the recruiter additional information.

Sample referrals cover letter

Kim Gregg

Name of the company



Dear Mr. Jake

I am interested in the sales representative position open at DotCam, Inc.

I am well acquainted with your products and I would like to be part of your sales and marketing team, to increase the company’s international market share. My colleague Jane Harry recommended that I consult you about this position. For 5 years, Jane and I have worked in the same industry, and she felt that I would be appropriate for this post.

My experience in selling and marketing similar products within the international market has provided me with vast knowledge about the business. It matches your strategic goal to improve sales globally. In the previous company, ABC services, I was able to improve revenue by 35% within my first year. During the three years I spent there, I was able to expand the business in 10 additional countries, and I achieved substantial profits in all locations.

I believe that I am an appropriate candidate for the position you have advertised, and would like to have a chance to meet with you to discuss more about the position.

Sincerely yours,

Kim Gregg


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