Having the best words to evaluate the performance of your staff is crucial. Employee reviews phrases are used to assess different skills including communication, cooperation, administration and interpersonal skills among others. This article will limit itself to the most appropriate review phrases on interpersonal skills.

Employees should have good interpersonal skills so that they can relate well with their colleagues, managers, customers and other stakeholders in the business. This way, t he business can run smoothly with limited issues of conflict. Which phrases can managers use to review employees appropriately on their interpersonal skills?


  • Henry is able to kick off a conversation with just anybody.
  • Greg can communicate with anyone he wants.
  • Kevin connects fast with people, and he knows the right way to relate to them.
  • Julie tends to be shy when she is around others, and she does not try to nurture good relations with other people.
  • Fred should work on nurturing healthy relationships with others.

Relationship with others

  • Godfrey is gentle and nice to others.
  • In a good environment, Mary connects with others and motivates them to do a great job.
  • Colleagues speak well of George. He is able to create lasting relationships with them.
  • Edward works well with his colleagues.
  • Throughout his career, Ken has been having poor relationships with others.

Ability to harness teamwork

  • James makes all the team members to feel comfortable. He is an asset to the team.
  • Tyler does not prioritize the happiness of his team members. He is always unpleasant to them.
  • Paula has a strong personality, but her team members do not like her.
  • When Heron speaks to other people, he has the ability to make them feel important.
  • Jack has a natural ability in bringing cohesiveness in the team.


  • Other employees regard June highly since she listens and is always willing help.
  • Peter as a manager has a natural ability to connect with people. An attribute he so well depicts in his managerial role.
  • Julie is able to direct workers fast, but she portrays an attitude when providing feedback.
  • Nellius is a positive influence on the company. She inspires them to work hard.
  • Mary has a clear understanding of how to relate with employees and to make them comfortable.

Conflict resolution skills

  • Jane relates well with her coworkers and avoids confrontations.
  • Julius has a great ability in resolving conflicts among team members.
  • Janet is calm and respects the opinions of her colleagues.
  • William is always in confrontation with his colleagues.
  • Nelly needs to work on her temperament. She can hardly hold a conversation without a quarrel.

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