Check out our employee appreciation bag ideas and apply them to freshen you appreciation day.

22 original employee appreciation gift bag ideas

Employee love receiving recognition gifts. They deserve to as they are the reason for the success of your organization. As a manager, you can take the opportunity of the appreciation day and pull out clever appreciation ideas. If your employees are frequently carrying items in and out of them, then an employee appreciation gift bag ideas will be a hit.

If you have surprised your employees with various gifts on the appreciation day of gift giving seasons, you can always wow your employees with the unexpected.  Employee appreciation gift bag ideas can be an effective way to motivate and engage your staffs. Here are some fantastic ideas to apply during the upcoming appreciation seasons.

Beauty and Fashion bag ideas

  • Beachwear- surprise employees with beach costumes
  • Halloween bags- let the staffs enjoy the Halloween party by gifting bags with party clothes.
  • Jewelry- a gift bag with necklaces, rings, etc.
  • Clutches- for a lady employee.
  • Décor bag- give the employee bag full of decors for the upcoming holiday.

Goodie bags idea

  • Stationary bag- Provide the employee with a bag full of stationaries
  • Picnic baskets- surprise your employees with picnic baskets and bags
  • Shopping bag- surprise the workers with small bags full of shopping
  • Laptop bag- Let the employee carry work from home by providing means to take their electronics.
  • Lunch bags-surprise the employee with health goody bags e.g. doughnuts, chocolates, etc.

Classic bag ideas

  • Vacations bags- Provide a bag pack to the staffs. They will love it.
  • Gym bag- to the employees who like exercises and gym activities.
  • Camping bags-go camping with your staffs.
  • Man bags- they are fresh, and the employee will appreciate them.
  • Home appliance- a bag full of utensils to the employee.
  • Customise bag- have custom made bags made for your employees.

Celebration bags

  • Birthday bags- give the employee candy bags.
  • Anniversaries bag-personalise a bag to suit an employee.
  • Labels – hang full bag labels at the office.
  • Cake bag- bake a cake in shape of a bag on appreciation day.
  • Manicure kit- a complete set of manicure tools.


  • You rock- provide the employee with a bag written you rock.
  • Kids’ bag- for the employee children.
  • Employee recognition- appreciate an employee with a bag with the company logo.
  • Team bag- provide the employee with a club bag to carry their documents.
  • Wine bag- surprise employees in any appreciation day with a wine bag.
  • Christmas bag- a pack of wine, or other goodie stuff.

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