Find out the employee motivational gifts to award your employees to keep them motivated and productive

Employee motivational gifts. Top 25 ideas

Successful organizations understand the importance of motivated employees. While there are multiple ways of motivating employees, awarding them with well-chosen gifts is an excellent technique.


  1. Set of colorful pens.
  2. Set of highlighters in different colors - These are useful for highlighting text in a document.
  3. Motivational calendar- This can include words of motivation printed on each leaf.
  4. Customized personal diaries –a unique customized diary shows an employee how special they are
  5. Praise pad sticky notes – These come in handy for writing short reminders.

Mood enhancers

  1. Rockstar at work – A small doll carrying this statement, will certainly improve one’s mood.
  2. Attitude is everything doll
  3. You rock- A squeezable rock with the words engraved on it.
  4. Thank you for being awesome stress reliever- This too can help in lowering your employees’ stress levels.
  5. Can-Do mental block- What better way of motivating a can-do attitude in your employees.


  1. Teamwork magnetic clip holder- This can be used by a team to hold their pens when they are working on various tasks.
  2. Pen holder- This will be a great asset, for an employee who likes an organized desk.
  3. Desktop organizer- You can give them an organizer that keeps everything in order from pens to files.
  4. Contemporary office cabinet- For easy file management.
  5. Customized iPhone stand- This can help the employee to keep their smartphone at a reachable distance, and it facilitates efficient organization.

Personal effects

  1. Thank you for all you do tumbler- A great looking tumbler with the words on it will make an extra mile in motivating your employee.
  2. Soup mug and spoon- You can also award your employee with a personalized soup mug and spoon.
  3. Candy Tube- your female employees would fully appreciate a tube full of candy.
  4. Celebration Vase- If they always love flowers on their desk, you can give them an outstanding vase.
  5. Sports tote bag- If they are sports lovers, they will feel motivated if you give them a tote bag.

Badges or motivational pins

  1. Above and beyond pin- for employees who always surpass expectations.
  2. Excellence brass star pin- This is a worthy gift for any employee who performs exceptionally.
  3. I am the difference- It recognizes employees who contribute significantly to the organization, and it motivates others to follow suit.
  4. Service pin- This recognizes employees years of service, and it encourages them to continue performing well.
  5. Leadership Pin- For motivating top executives, managers and team leaders.

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