Discover the contents and sample of an employee discipline report form.

Employee discipline report form free sample

Employee discipline is required to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. However, if you are going to take action on an employee who has committed misconduct, you should keep a coherent record of the events. The best means to use is the employee discipline report form.

Contents of discipline report form

The contents of discipline report forms for employees can vary significantly depending on the type of company. Nonetheless, some elements should be in your employee discipline report form including:

Employee information

The disciplinary report form should have the name of the employee, their position in the company, and any other information that identifies them. This section comes at the top of the report, just below the logo.

Information about the incident

Here you should include the codes of conduct the employee has contravened. First, report the date and time of the incident. This will give your claims some level of authority in case you need to present the case to the board of directors or other seniors. Then, the state where it occurred. Since it can be challenging to develop an employee discipline form for every employee, it is crucial have to a template such that when an incident happens, you can use it to fill in the details for each incident.

Make sure to include a list of the behaviors that the company regards as misconduct. You can leave a space for marking the actions, which you are reporting. Next, you need to describe the incident clearly. Remember also to include details of any witnesses who were available during the incident. Leave a section for employee comments. It is also essential to clarify how the incident contravened the company policy.

Action to take

In this section, you should state the action you plan to take on the employee based on the incident. You can warn, suspend, or terminate their employment contract. Lastly, the report form should have a space for the employee and the employer to sign.

Employee Discipline Report Form Sample

Employee Discipline Report Form

Employee Information

Name of Employee:[…]

Job Title:[…]

Incident Information

Date/Time of Incident: […]

Incident Location: […]

Facts of the Incident: […]

Witnesses to Incident: […]

Did this incident violate the company policy? Yes/No

If yes, which company’s policy and how did the incident violate it.[…]

Action Taken

What action will be taken against the employee? […]

Has the employee been notified of the impropriety of their actions? Yes/No

What were the employee’s comments? […]

Signature of person preparing the report on behalf of the company: […]


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