Learn top ideas that will help you effectively carry out your employee referrals program for that faithful employee

Employee referrals program ideas: Top 5 ideas

In setting up an employee's referrals program, most companies only focus on luring the new hires with their products or services. This lure does not satisfy the company's recruitment needs. A few companies are now warming up to the idea of having an in-house referrals program whereby employees are encouraged to bring in the most suitable talent and future work colleagues. Well designed and thought through referrals programs can produce such amazing results that we all would want to see. Think of new ideas to implement in your referrals program that will bear your company amazing results. Your business is unique, which tells you, you need to create your unique referrals program. Here are a few examples of using to build that program you have always wanted.

Top ideas for employee referrals programs

  • Create a corporate career website - This site will allow the employees to log in and see what new positions are open for hire. It also feeds the employee referred to information on the company, the particular job, etc.
  • Train your staff - Learning about the policies and rules that govern recruitment will help them incorporate wisely. Teach them to reach out to people beyond their personal circle, especially those with great talent that they meet in workshops, training, etc.
  • Allow your staff to use social media platforms extensively - Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ can all be used to get that perfect candidate. With an ideal job description that can include videos and pictures you surely shall get excellent results.
  • Print T-shirts or stickers - Use catchy slogans like "we are hiring," include the company's website or use appealing team pictures. Encourage your employees to wear these t-shirts during their spare time or when going out to capture new candidates. For stickers, they can put them on their cars to catch attention.
  • Appreciate the employee's efforts - small incentives go a long way in acknowledging workers who refer quality employees. Give various rewards depending on what they like most - maybe financial rewards, more extra time off, discounted holiday trips, etc.
  • Get creative - Companies get creative according to how fast their recruiting need has to be met. Some have used incentives like a classy motorbike that bought and placed at the entrance of the company for the best referrals the employees will make will win the motorcycle. It is a motivation to any staff who ever dreamt of owning such a bike.

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