The purpose of this policy is to set the necessary guidelines for the actions that follow in a case of theft, attempted theft, and removal of the company, staff, employee, or consumer property. 

The policy aims at:

  • Create a free theft environment.
  • Preserve sensitive information.
  • Promote proper standards conduct.
  • Ensure sensitivity during handling theft.

Definition of terms

In the policy, theft is any misplacement or unauthorized transfer of information from a staff employee, or customer. The actions include, but not limited to:

  • The Acts that go against the company code of conduct.
  • Forgery
  • Software removal
  • Personal possessions.
  • Product misplacement

The policy prohibits these and all other legal activities from all its executive, staff, employee and any other carrying out activities within the firm.

Policy and responsibility.

Liability of the firm

  • All the staff and members of the company should be made aware of the policy existence in their onboarding process.
  • Any removal or transfer should be authorized and done by the policy.
  • Any search to be done as stipulated in the policy.
  • The firm is not responsible for any replacement or loss of personal item.

In case of a theft incident

The manager/supervisor is to obtain all the details before taking any action.

Pending a full investigation of the incident where there are reasonable grounds for suspecting a breach of this policy, the employee faces suspension on pay.

During the investigation, the employee is expected to:

  • Cooperate with the inquiry.
  • Maintain confidentiality and involvement in the investigation.

Following the policy, the firm has rights to involve law enforcement if need be.

Any theft by the employee at workplace may result  in the following action:

  • Disciplinary action.
  • Immediate dismissal
  • Suspension, with pay as investigation commence.
  • Legal action such as crime charges.

The company reserves right to search:

  • Lockers
  • Workplace
  • Vehicles
  • Bags.

Any unauthorized material found during the search results to legal actions against the employee.

The searches will be done privately with one or more of the following being present

  • Security guard
  • Employee representative
  • Employee.

 Locker/ workplace searches

  • All cabinets and workplace remain under the control of the firm
  • Employees are to take full responsibility of their Locker/ workplace

Vehicles/bag searches

  • searches are carried out in all bags and cars within the enterprise 
  • The company reserves the rights to inspect any car at the parking lot.

Question/ clarification

 All question and clarification are directed to the corporate manager.



 Board chair


 I have read the policy and understood my responsibility related to prevention, and detection of any theft.

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