Understand the essential administrative skills that should appear on your resume to help you win that dream position

10 Essential administrative skills for a resume

Administrative professionals are highly involved in every aspect of the business they work for, the more reason they need to have many skills. Admin career asks for a flexible, portable and transferable traits that are a must have for you to get that top job. Your skills will surely be put to great use, and that's why every organization requires you to have them. Many may argue that applying for an administrative technology does not necessarily need to be tech savvy but remember you will be asked to perform almost all the task in a tech atmosphere. Computers are our daily correspondence tools that we use in the 21st century, and the administrative position is critical. To be honest, it is vital to have the best technical skills in an administrative job. But that's not enough, what other skills should you have that will attract the employer to hire you?

Essential administrative skills for a resume

  • Communication skills - The administration position requires a friendly tone to interact with a broad range of people, delegate tasks and efficiently manage this job.
  • Technology Skills - Administrative employees today works with office software programs that include databases, spreadsheets, graphics, emails, web research, etc. to the employer's requirements.
  • Written English - Some organizations will settle with standard written English while some settle on business English. Excellent writing skills will improve the quality of the correspondence in emails and memos enabling you to communicate better.
  • Organizational skills - An administrative staff must have the multitasking ability which keeps him/her well organized and keep his boss organized. The filing system, the incoming and outgoing correspondence and coordination of the paperwork flow are highly critical in every organization and requires a high level of organizational skills.
  • Time management - Managing time is not optional when holding this position in the administration. You need to use the calendar well to organize both your schedule and your bosses'. You need to have the ability to respond to correspondence promptly to ensure all dates are observed.
  • Management - All those in administrative position require management skills to direct others. In a busy executive office, there is so much that needs to be handled and without proper management, things get out of hand, and nothing much is accomplished.
  • Interpersonal skills - The executive position requires you to be the ears and the eyes of the company having such excellent skills in dealing with office politics as well as protecting your reputation and the companies. You have to have the ability to maintain a good relationship with the rest of the employees at all levels.

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