List the vital skills and abilities that are required in a resume to attract the employer before meeting them

Examples of 11 vital skills and abilities to put in a resume

Today's job market is flooded with graduates who are looking for work. The employers are also inundated with thousands of resumes for that one opening which gives them such a hard task to go through each one of them and select the most qualified candidate. To lessen that work, employers have learned the easier way to look for the first skills that should appear on a resume. All the resumes that lack these vital skills are removed from the process and only those with the skills continue. These core competencies are meant to help you stand out from the crowd so you can get that dream job. Every profession you choose has very specific skills and abilities that are needed for that job. However, there are some that are general competencies that are highly essential for successful working. More than often they are overlooked by candidates who simply want to show their prowess in other things forgetting that professionals look out for those general competencies that they ignore.

Vital skills and abilities to put in your resume

  • Professionalism - Often described in the resume as highly organized, conscientious getter, dedicated and committed to professionalism.
  • Honesty and integrity - Best described as honest, respectful, high level of integrity, leadership skills and value for your work.
  • Adaptability - Described as highly adaptable, resilient, patient, risk-taker, optimistic, creative and open to new ideas.
  • Dependability - is best described as responsible, dependable, reliable, works under minimal or no supervision, contributor, initiator, committed to excellence and success.
  • Problem-solving - Best described as a productive worker, completes tasks, exerts optimal effort and has solid work ethics.
  • Positive attitude - also known as energy, passion or motivation is described in the resume as consistent, energetic performer, unbridled passion for work, upbeat, has a sunny disposition and a positive attitude.
  • Loyalty - Described on the resume as devoted, dedicated, loyal, has an excellent record, can be relied upon and is consistent.
  • Self-confidence - It is best described on the resume as Believing in yourself, confident, hard-working, committed and an exceptional achiever.
  • Self-motivated - This is the ability to work without supervision that is best described on the resume as a self-starter, highly motivated, takes the initiative and of course works with minimal supervision.
  • Willingness to learn - Best outlined in the resume as enthusiastic, knowledge-hungry, eager to acquire new things and implement new concepts, be open to new challenges to grow and learn from them.
  • Planning and organization - Outline on the resume as results driven, exemplary planning, excellent organizational skills, a high degree of orientation, ability to design, plan and organize and implement programs within an allotted timeframe.

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