Hiring employees and inducing them to the organization?s culture can be a tedious process especially if it is done manually. This is where xpresshr onboarding comes in handy to simplify the whole process by fully automating the hiring process. Xpresshr onboarding is a web-based app that assists organizations in hiring new employees by receiving data and information from the new hires or the company hiring system so that it can be used in the completion of hiring forms.

The app routes completed forms and data for new hires to the relevant departments and systems, based on the on-boarding processes of the hiring organization. A company needs to have the correct data of its new employees.

The app assists in eliminating errors when entering employees? data, reduces the use of paper and simplifies the onboarding process. It makes it easier for the new employees to be assimilated into the organization.

Services provided by xpresshr onboarding

Xpresshr onboarding assists in the collection of data of the new employees to complete hire forms. This ensures that the organization has accurate employee data. It then processes the completed forms and uploads them into an electronic depository or a document center for storage.

The information obtained using the app is then used to provision assets that the new employee requires such as business cards, uniform and computers. Relevant departments and vendors are also notified of the new employee. To make matters even simpler, the employee data is uploaded into the relevant systems such as payroll, HRIS, benefits and attendance. All these make the assimilation of the new employee much easier.

The app is also used in the off-boarding process when there is laying-off or termination of employment. It makes the process simpler and efficient because the organization already has the information it requires about the employee.

Benefits of using xpresshr onboarding

Using xpresshr onboarding comes with many benefits to companies. It makes the process of hiring and onboarding efficient and time saving by eliminating time-consuming paperwork associated with the manual hiring process. The organization can capture the correct data of their employees with minimal errors right from the job application stage.

The information gathered by the app can be used in the onboarding process where the employees are assimilated into the organization?s culture so that they acquire skills and knowledge necessary for them to perform their duties. Xpresshr is used to provide new staff with the relevant materials and assets they require so that they can learn about their employer?s procedures and culture.


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