Top 20 employee onboarding activities

Employee onboarding program is the only chance you have to welcome your employee and set them towards the right track. Too many organization, the onboarding process refers to an orientation of a new client or customer with the responsibilities, and the organization policy. However, a firm should focus on not only the orientation procedure but also activities which will increase the productivity, and create a memorable first day to the new hires.

A new employee will look tight especially the first day. He/she is in a new environment and with unfamiliar people but employee onboarding activities will help loosen the new hire and fit well with the rest of the employee. If you wish to detail your strategies as an HR during the onboarding processes, here are some activities you should try.


  • Lunch- have lunch cards for your employees.
  • Coffee breaks- have chances for the employee to interact.
  • Braining storming- let new hires discuss with each other a particular challenge as a way to relate each other.
  • Breakfast- cater for a great breakfast for both existing and new hires.
  • Gift sessions- let employee give new hire presents on the onboarding day.

Unique activities

  • Office scavenges- let employee walk to different department starting a conversation with other employees and get the office layout.
  • Welcome sign- let everyone sign the welcome note.
  • Décor- decorate employee furniture with balloons.
  • Customise message- appear on every employee computer when a new hire arrives.
  • Surprise parties- throw a party to welcome new client.


  • Webinars- let employee receive orientation through webinars
  • Conference- arrange a conference to mentor and train new hires.
  • Software- familiarize employee with the tools he will apply in his new abilities.
  • Department presentation- let the existing employees from different department present to new hire their roles.
  • Success pathway- create two weeks plan that will guide employee towards achieving the company goals.

Fun ideas

  • Online talks- new hire discussions with existing employees and ask a question.
  • Clothing – let new hire wear different clothes so that employee can recognize and social with them.
  • Questions- have a forum where employee ask about other work non-related issues.
  • Sports- have new hires mark their day with sporting activities
  • Gamification- online games, puzzles, etc.

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