Emails campaign during the onboarding process is the crucial part. When you register a new client or customer, it is likely that he may not try out your services, just because he is busy. Thus as a manager, it's beneficial to engage new customers the using email campaigns reminding them of your services. By engaging onboarding email, you can outline your prospects and value your services before putting them into actions. As a manager, the proper method to onboarding new employee at your organization by contacting them before the onboarding process.

How to write an onboarding email template.

When addressing an email to your new client, you should set a tone that will establish your business and who you are. Having a new customer can be overwhelming, and you probably want to let them know what your business offers, and the role they play on your firm. Sending an essay emails to your new client with company details and accomplishments can demoralize the customer interest.

The best practices when writing an onboarding email template outlines the features of your product. Explain what your offer in your business and even convince the client why your services are the best.

Here are items that are present in an onboarding email template.

  • Welcome statement
  • Employee Title
  • Start date
  • Details of the job.
  • Company information
  • Mission of the company/ how the company works
  • Build trust message
  • Use a single call to action 
  • Open a conversation

Sample email

Employee name: XXXX


Company Information

Dear sir/ madam

Welcome to XXX, thank you for joining us. You are on your way to super productivity and much more.

XXX is a company that helps you get the most out of your life. We focus on providing the best monthly plans daily. We set you a monthly goal that will increase your productivity within a month.

As you wait for the next task, you can look at the company services at XXX.COM. Also follow our customer service on YouTube. Use these links. It's the best place to start.

Have any question? You may always shoot us an email, and we will be happy to assist you.

Cheerfully yours

XXX customers' team.

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