In marketing, it's a struggle but exciting to get new customers. A lot of time and money is spent trying to win the client over, thus as a manager you can't afford to lose them. Having an active client onboarding process template prevents you from having a lot of unhappy customers or lack of knowledge of what your team is doing. In the process, new clients acquire the knowledge, tools, and understanding of how to be a good customer. The onboarding process also beneficial to the team as they gain understanding and knowledge of how to be a good service providers.

How to create a Client onboarding process template

Choose a date and time to brainstorm the model with your team. It is tough to crave in time in a busy organisation, but for an effective onboarding template, brainstorming with the team is the easy way to create a smooth onboarding process template.

Have the right team with you. In that meeting room you need the right balance of committee who will bring out the client experience. Also a team that is going to complete the task need to be present. These will be delightful to your customers.

Get your ideas together. Real-time viewing of the ideas on a whiteboard or projector is a perfect to make them stick in the team rather than presenting the group with to do lists. It is the best way to brainstorm.

Record and assign actions. In the brainstorming, you will find procedures that need to be documented and again separately. Having the work filed make it easy to assign and the whole process can be quickly put together.

Finally stay focused. When brainstorming the Client onboarding process template you may be tempted to focus on certain process that you outlined, such as explaining the training. Resist the urge and focus on the template wholly.

Features of the template.

Information. The template should collect the necessary information that is needed to have smooth relationship with the client.

Welcome meeting. Includes sending a welcome cover letter, welcoming package to the client.

Initial kick-off meeting. This may include connecting directly with the customer and asking for referrals.

Post meeting. To finalise on the expectation, milestones and deadline of the projects.

Questionnaire.  States the customer's objectives and their feedback to your services.

Follow up. A questionnaire is not enough to check on the client, send follows up emails and check on the client.

The process. The education and training the client is to go through for a successful project.

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