Understand the following questions to increase your chances for a nursing job

9 Fundamental Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses

Searching for a good job after nurse graduation can be stressful. If you have landed yourself on an interview congratulations! The next stress may arise by not knowing the interview questions and answers for nurses. We expect that during an interview questions for nurses, the questions are going to measure your skills, qualification, and training.

When interviewing for a nursing position, you will want to make sure that your passion in the field will shine. Nurse interview question is likely to explore certain areas including behavior, nurse experiencing and job knowledge. The following interview questions for nurses and answers will help you prepare for the interview you just earned.


  • Why did you choose to be a nurse? What interested you in selecting our health care?

I have always wanted to assist people. The nursing opportunity with better facilities is a better has interested me and always saw that as an opportunity to accept the challenge.

  • What are the most important qualities that a nurse should have?

The typical qualities of a nurse should be adaptability, critical thinking, emotion stability and tolerance to stress. The answer to this question should be more relevant to the nursing position.

  • What are your nursing job strengths and weaknesses as a professional in the health sector?

Be honest with your strengths and weaknesses. When stating your weakness always say two flaws that are tolerable, and you are working to improve.

  • What is your most achievement in your career as a nurse?

This would be a perfect point to insert a story that will spark and impress the interviewee. It should be a small accomplishment.

Motivation question

  • How do you handle a patient who is always complaining?

First I would check that the patient has no valid complaint, then reassure them that we are going to do everything possible to make sure that everything is going to be okay.

  • What is your motivation as a nurse?

I always want to make a difference in other people’s life. I see nursing as an opportunity to do so.

  • Are you in any professional affiliation?

Yes. I always want to remain informed in the currents trends in the field of nursing. For this reason am a member of (name of the organization)


  • How do you handle the pressure?

This question tends to imply that the position is full of trouble. If you work well under pressure, provide a complete overview of how you handle pressure using an example.

  • How do you deal with a rude doctor?

If a doctor is not happy with my care, I would like to know why and would even ask the question to the doctor, so I know how to remedy the situation.

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