Master the following communication interview questions to increase chances of landing a job.

22 Basic Communication Interview Questions

Excellent communication is an important aspect of any workplace. For co-workers and executives to be able to co-relate well within a working environment, effective communication must be present. More so, if you have landed yourself in a marketing job interview, the interviewer would like to know how you communicate and how you are going to talk at the workplace.

Most of the communication interview questions asked are aimed at determining your listening skills, confidence while speaking, clear and conciseness and friendliness. The response given to these questions will determine your ability to communicate. Review the following communication interview questions to assist you prepare and show your ability to communicate.

Basic communication skills

  • How would you describe yourself?’
  • Give the methods that you used to communicate effectively?
  • How are you comfortable communicating, verbal or written?
  • Do you relate well to others?
  • From one is to ten, can you rate your communication skills?
  • What steps do you take to establish a good rapport with the others?
  • Why are you here participating in the interview?
  • Would you prefer to be a good listener or a good communicator?


  • Tell me a situation where you received complex information, and had to share it with someone in a simplified manner?
  • How would you handle giving technical information to a less junior staff who have less technical knowledge than you have?
  • If you have a disagreement with your PR manager, how would you resolve the situation?
  • Tell us a situation where you had to relay an important point during a meeting to staffs who were reluctant to listen?
  • Have you ever handled delicate information? What is the risk of carrying such information?
  • Give us a situation where you persuaded someone to your point of view?


  • When a boss in the past, if there is, failed to communicate with you adequately, how did you handle this situation?
  • Tell us a time that you ever dealt with a management crisis?
  • How is the experience with you previous bosses?
  • How do you describe your communication style?
  • Describe how you avoid communication breakdown at the workplace?
  • Describe various ways which you used media for corporate communication?
  • Tell us the practical strategies that the organization must put in place so that you effectively meet your expectation?
  • Describe how you have gone establishing a relationship with co-workers and the supervisor in a new working environment?

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