Find out the contents required in a negotiation skills course outline for effective training.

Sample negotiation skills course outline

Negotiation helps to solve problems by arriving at a fair outcome. The skill is essential for employees, and that is why most employers ensure their staff is trained. You can also enroll for a negotiation skills course if you want to improve the skill.  However, to ensure the training is covering all the negotiation skills ground, you should check out the course outline.

Negotiation skills course outline template

Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to instill confidence and skills necessary for the preparation and implementation of negotiation. The learner should learn how to use various tools to put points across, solve problems and reduce deadlock.

Topics covered

  • How to prepare for negotiation

The topic includes how to know your negotiation style, set the objectives, find out the needs of the other party and how to develop an approach for success.

  • How to conduct a negotiation

The learners are taught how to establish a negotiating environment that is productive, how to set up a negotiating team and identifying their roles. They will also learn about  how to recognize manipulation and underhand tactics as well as how to find creative solutions.

  • How to build confidence

The learners are trained on how to build their confidence. A successful negotiation requires one to appear confident so that the other party can view them as serious

  • Managing conflict

In most cases, negotiation arises due to conflicts. The learners are trained on how to deal with conflict and to apply their negotiation skills to reach at fair solution.

  • How to handle a deadlock

Sometimes a negotiation may hit a standstill. The participants are trained on ways to deal with a deadlock such as adding more information, changing the negotiators or taking a break.

  • How to handle negotiations on phone or email

The participants are trained on how they can handle negotiations when using email or phone. Since it is not done in person, it may be challenging to some. The training focuses on how to use words and voice to communicate.

  • Roles of individuals in a negotiation

The topic focuses on the roles that people who are taking part in a negotiation play. Negotiators take roles such as leader, relater, critic, observer and builder. Some of the roles may be performed by one person such as a leader being a relater, while others need to be separated.

  • Skills needed

To have excellent negotiating skills, you need to have skills such as listening, questioning, assertiveness and summarizing skills.

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