Find out the skills and abilities that are suitable for making an excellent security guard

Security guard: 6 critical skills and abilities

Security guards’ role requires them to be alert, quick thinkers and fast in detecting any threat that may be facing the premises and people they are protecting. That is why for one to fit into the role of a great security guard, there is the need to have various critical skills and abilities. These may range from skills acquired in training to those skills associated with personality.

Trained skills

A security guard needs to be properly trained and certified by taking courses that have been certified and approved to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills. The training is based on how to use a firearm and security cameras, certification in CPR and first aid among others relevant knowledge and skills needed. These skills are necessary for providing protection and in helping a victim who is hurt.

Knowledge of various policies and procedures is also essential to enable the security guard to take action appropriately.

Physical abilities

Physical fitness is necessary for a security guard to enable him to provide the needed protection. A physically fit security guard can easily subdue a suspect until law enforcers arrive and also protect the victim from the attacker.

Communication skills

Since a security guard may be required to communicate with the client and the people coming into the premises, he or she needs to have excellent communication skills that create a good impression. In some instances, a security guard may be required to negotiate with a suspect and should do that without making the situation worse.

Active listening skills are also required to enable the guard to understand what the people he or she comes across in the line of duty require. This is essential especially if the situation requires communicating with customers and other parties in the premises.

Quick thinking abilities

Some of the situations that may face a security guard need quick thinking and fast action to find solutions especially during emergencies. This should also be accompanied by the ability to use common sense when dealing with an issue especially if it is a likely threat, while also following rules.

Organization skills

Being organized is essential for a security guard. He or she should keep the workstation orderly. This applies whether a security guard is using surveillance equipment and other advanced technology to ensure security or just watching with eyes.

Attention to details and vigilant

A security guard is required to be alert at all times to detect anything that may affect security. They should also be attentive to details. This gives them an upper hand in detecting a probable threat before it occurs.

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