Discover the different types of skills that can help you to get a good job.

10 types of skills

Unemployment has become the concern of today’s world.  How do you find employment amid the competition in the labor market? Having the skills that recruiters are keen on can alienate you from the other job seekers in the pool. What are these essential skills? Here is a list:

Communication skills

Employers need people who can communicate clearly. However, communication goes above your verbal proficiency. You will need:

  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Effective writing skills
  • Listening skills
  • Excellent communication with others
  • Ability to explain information to others

Problem-solving and analytical skills

Recruiters are also looking for candidates who can solve work-related problems expeditiously. You need to analyze situations and provide working solutions. Hence, you should have;

  • Amicable reasoning skills
  • Creativity

Management/leadership skills

Employers would want candidates who can take charge. Common leadership skills you would consider including in your curriculum vitae include:

  • Planning
  • Goal setting


Teamwork skills are imperative for any job seeker. In most cases, you will be required to work in teams. Furthermore, organizations are a product of team effort. Hence, you need to be good in the following aspects:

  • Cooperating with others
  • Listening to others
  • Willingness to assist others
  • Sharing information with others

Numeracy skills

For those applying for technical jobs, having numeracy skills is necessary.  You should be able to solve basic mathematical problems at least. Additionally, you should be in a position to not only understand the numerical data but also analyze it and apply to various workplace problems.

Interpersonal skills

Recruiters also ensure that the candidates selected for a particular position have interpersonal skills. These are skills that enable you to work with others effectively.  It is important that you have a capability to develop healthy working relationships with other individuals in the organization.

Ability to work under pressure

It is crucial for an employee to be able to work under extreme circumstances. When working, challenges will often arise. Hence, a worker who can work effectively even in these conditions is more likely to be hired.

Persuasion and negotiation

Negotiation and persuasion are effective skills in conflict resolution. Recruiters want to know that you can solve conflicts amicably. That is, you can still maintain your position while understanding other people’s perspectives.

Job knowledge

Recruiters are interested in the job knowledge as demonstrated by the candidate. Familiarize yourself with the job description, the company’s mission, vision, and values before the interview.


Your employer will also want to know that you can organize your duties accordingly. Time management and effective planning of tasks are part of the organization skills.

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