Find out the list of management skills required for one to become an effective manager.

list of essential management skills

Being a manager means one is in a position of leadership.The role of a manager in any work environment is to lead, motivate and encourage employees so that they can be productive. He/she will be required to play an oversight role, plan, organize and control the available resources at his disposal so as to ensure that the organization achieves its laid down mandate. For this reason, any manager current or aspiring should strive to possess these 5 crucial management skills. The skills include decision-making skill, time management skills, conflict management, and delegation.

Decision making

As a manager, one will be faced with numerous occasions where he or she will be required to make decisions. Some will be instant, while others will require thinking through but at the end, a decision must be made. So the manager must be an excellent quick thinker and poses good logical skills. In high-pressure situation, a manager must keep his or her cool so as to be able to make rational and appropriate decisions.

Conflict Management skill

Conflicts will always be present in any environment more so in the workplace setup. For this reason, managers ought to know how best to handle such cases. He or she should be in good position to analyze the problem and help the warring parties to arrive at a fair ground. It makes use of listening skills and problem-solving skills as he or she must listen to the opinions of both sides keenly and then decide on the best way to handle the issue.

Time management

A manager is in charge of lots of activities around the workplace, and he or she is tasked with ensuring that all planned activities are undertaken correctly and within the proper timeframe. The manager should be able to come up with an appropriate working schedule that will see tasks that are planned for are done and finished on time. This will help to meet deadlines and the various business or project demands. With proper time management, tasks will not collide, or one activity will not take another’s time, and this will allow for proper use of resources and meeting of deadlines.


This is a crucial skill that any manager should possess. Proper planning allows for proper use of resources, allows for one to meet deadlines, and increases efficiency among others. Improper planning brings about disorganization and puts the organization or project in a state of disarray leading to goals and objectives not being met.

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