Find out the computer software skills you should include in your resume to get hired.

5 essential computer software skills

This is an era where information technology reigns in every sector of the economy. Information communication technology is so important that every job that one applies nowadays will require at least basic computer literacy skills if not expertise. Also, innovations are being realized in every corner of the world across all sectors of the economy, and all this underscores the importance of information technology in our lives today.

To remain relevant, some of the basic computer literacy skills that you should at least possess include Microsoft Office, Emailing and internet, programming and QuickBooks. Remember that jobs may require different computer skills. You should ensure that you have the computers software skills preferred by the employer.

Microsoft Office

This is the most basic computer software skill that you should have at your fingertips. It is the basis for learning IT skills. The Microsoft Office software consists of Microsoft Word which is used for writing documents, spreadsheets for calculations, PowerPoint for presentations, access for database management and the publisher for designing purposes.

Emailing and Internet

It is also a basic skill that one should have since most of the things are now done online. You will be required to send emails, and it is imperative to know what software is there for mailing purposes, how to reply to emails and how to manage your emails. Basic internet knowledge is also key, as you will be required to search for stuff online and one should have basic knowledge of how the internet works and what it entails. You must be aware of the various social media platforms and how they work, different mailing platforms, video conferencing software among others.


Everything now is as a result of programming. The innovations of today and the earlier ones relied heavily on the art of programming. It is a skill that if it is learned to perfection, then you will be among the highly sought after people. For instance, the driverless cars that are currently undergoing tests to ensure that they are safe for driving, have been made possible through programming.

Website skills

Ability to upgrade and update websites using tools such as HTML, Java, WordPress, and Dreamweaver is usually sort by employers. If you have these skills, you can be ahead of the pack since most companies are involved in enhancing their web and social media presence.


You will find most companies using QuickBooks to meet their accounting needs such as invoicing, payroll and reporting. You can be more marketable if you possess the skill.

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