Know the sample text to use when you are compiling the qualitative employee evaluation form.

Free qualitative employee evaluation form sample text

Complete employee evaluation should be both qualitative and quantitative to ensure that overall employee performance is evaluated. Qualitative evaluation is based on performance measures that cannot be quantified but are based on observation.

To create an employee qualitative evaluation form, first you need to observe and compile the employees’ performance on different competencies such as teamwork, interpersonal skills, attitude, ability to adapt to change and problem solving. Based on the information you collect, you should fill the employee qualitative evaluation form. Below is sample text you can use to fill the evaluation form.

Customer service

  • He gets along with customers very well.
  • She has a keen ear when it comes to customers, which enables her to get the important details needed in dealing with customers.
  • Knows how to deal with irate customers in a calm way.
  • She is unable to deal with difficult clients.
  • Does not listen keenly to customers and therefore does not understand their concerns.

Interpersonal relations

  • Cultivates excellent relationships with managers, co-workers, and direct reports.
  • He easily creates rapport with people eases his communication to others.
  • She has a natural ability to work with others.
  • Tends to have the attitude of us Vs them which harms his relations with other team members.
  • He needs to cultivate his relationships with his colleagues.
  • She boasts an air of superiority which makes her colleagues unable to approach her.


  • Is always enthusiastic about his job and always acts as an encouragement to other members of the team.
  • Always smile which reinforce her ever positive attitude.
  • He sees the positive out of situations which make it easy to handle challenges at work.
  • Always looks like a time bomb which makes his co-workers avoid him.
  • His pessimistic view tends to pull down the team.

Team skills

  • Is always ready to help out so that the team can achieve its goals.
  • Focuses more on accomplishing the tasks than to who the credit goes.
  • Regularly contributes to the success of the team.
  • Helps those around him to accomplish their success.
  • Encourages individualism in performing of tasks instead of encouraging teamwork.


  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • He communicates the goals of the project clearly to the team members.
  • Provides concise communication to his colleagues, management, and clients.
  • Her presentation skills are top-notch. She keeps the audience attentive all through.
  • She does not communicate updates on the status of the project often.
  • His communication is not effective, and he needs to improve on both verbal and written skills.

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