Learn how to effectively appraise your employees using these employee appraisal samples for different competencies

Employee appraisal sample

Conducting employee appraisal is necessary for every organization, be it small or big. It encompasses various aspects of employee’s performance. If you do have an idea on what your employees’ evaluation should entail, you can use employee appraisal sample. Below is a helpful example:

Attendance and punctuality

  1. Positive- Strict adherence to time and attendance- John is focused on punctuality and attendance, which have made him a valued member of his crew.
  2. Positive- Tim is a dependable employee concerning his attendance, and he is always punctual.
  3. Positive- June starts her day refreshed, and she is always prepared for any problems, which she might encounter.
  4. Negative- Ted shows up to work late. He really needs to improve in this area
  5. Negative- Often Tom is not able to maintain his meetings within the scheduled time. He needs to improve.


  1. Positive- Shirley has done an exemplary job this year, by communicating effectively with her employees, at a time when the company was experiencing a crisis.
  2. Positive- Jennifer can create a good team working environment, in which everybody feels a part of.
  3. Positive- Joseph has an innate ability to encourage others to share their inner thoughts whether bad or good.
  4. Negative- Kevin needs to stop yelling to his supervisor.
  5. Negative- Julius always makes others feel uncomfortable anytime they seek for his help.


  1. Positive- The most outstanding characteristic that Sally has, it is her ability to communicate complex issues. Her capability has contributed immensely to the company’s growth over the last 12 months.
  2. Positive- Kate always seeks feedback to make sure that she carries out her tasks appropriately.
  3. Negative- Jack needs to work on his communication tone, to ensure his team members feel comfortable listening to him.
  4. Negative- Helen tends to withhold certain information from her team members
  5. Negative- George needs to learn on how to communicate effectively with his team members. Isolating himself may not augur well with his position in the team.

Creativity and innovation

  1. Positive- Jane has an ability to utilize new information to change the directions of a project.
  2. Positive- Nathan is always able to move around obstacles, which makes him an asset in his team.
  3. Positive- In the last year, June has used her creativity to develop helpful solutions, which has produced evident results in the sales department.
  4. Negative- Tom does not allow room for innovation and creativity.
  5. Negative- Willy is reluctant to take on a different perspective on various issues.

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