Apply these top performance phrases to develop a positive staff with ingenious customer service skills

Customer service is the root of every business! Without customers, you have no business. That's why it is critical to developing your employees with skills that your customers need. Performance reviews and assessments are a key part of this development. Developing your employees into customer service gurus will require your time and resources but can be done. Performance assessments feedback is very important in developing your employee's ability to handle your customers the way you want. By giving positive feedback, you encourage your staff to be more efficient in future. By introducing training and workshops that enlighten them more on the customer service etiquette, you build your business and retain your customers coming back. Some of the positive phrases you can use to motivate these employees are listed below.

Performance review phrases for customer service

  • Receives timely feedback from customers regularly both in written and verbal form.
  • Works well with all types of clients as well as co-workers.
  • Is the to "go to" person for clients who need advice for difficult problems
  • Has a warm rapport with everyone who comes in contact with her
  • Clearly, outlines the steps that will be used to resolve a problem
  • Follows up rather keenly on every client to ensure they don't feel lost or forgotten.
  • Has a warm, friendly hello both on the phone and in person
  • Readily admits when she doesn't understand or know the answer to a particular question.
  • Enjoys the people aspect while working in his position.
  • Deals with even the most challenging customers without raising his voice.
  • Consistently consults and gains necessary approvals and authorizations from the management.
  • Enjoys thinking creatively and identifying out of the box solutions for clients.
  • Has a developed loyal customer relationship with a high rate of repeat business
  • Consistently gains necessary approvals and authorizations from the management and customers
  • Can converse in various languages making it easier for international customers
  • A dedicated and empathetic listener
  • Identifies the need and knows when to ask for additional support from his team
  • Skillfully and wisely manages even the most difficult customer
  • Ability to redefine the customer service to make it more satisfying
  • Overcomes barriers easily and thinks of new plans to follow
  • A great team player who constantly helps others meet their customer requests.
  • Have won the hearts of many co-workers who wish to be like him
  • You have a natural instinct to focus and understand all the customers you come across.
  • You give special attention to customers who need more time to understand.