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Employee evaluation performance letter sample

Employee performance reviews are not easy to carry them out even if you have been working on them every year. It becomes harder for those organizations that are carrying it out for the first time. Performance review or evaluation takes a lot of time to go through the process starting with self-evaluation, then the performance review and finally a return letter to the employee explaining the findings of the evaluations. This letter is important for displaying the results of the employee's diligence or laxity. It appreciates the employee on the areas he has best performed on and advises on how to improve on areas that require excellence.

A sample letter of the employee evaluation performance

Mary Higgins,
7043 Colonial Ave.
Temple Hills, MD 20748

May 25, 2015

Joy Kapur,
Sweet Bread Bakery,
223 Thorne Drive
Capitol Heights, MD 20743

REF: Performance Evaluation

Dear Ms. Higgins,

This year has been one of the eventful and challenging year for all of us in this company. From the administration to the sales even to the chefs themselves it has been a challenging journey of building our new business and introducing our new brands to the market.

On behalf of the Sweet Bread Bakery, I take this chance to extend our sincere appreciation for the many hours you have put into your work. The endless hours and the excellence spirit that you exhibited throughout the year are appreciated.

Not forgetting how you trained and equipped your entire team with such professionalism in the packing department. You made the company sales grew up by the real work of excellent packing that draws attention to the buyers.

As our market continues to expand, we would want you to head the packing and delivery department from now on. This means that your office changes and you move to the room next to the operations staff. Your group also increases from 10 to 18 employees that you shall oversee and equip. And finally, your pay increases with an 110% increment.

These changes are to take place immediately you receive this letter. Present this letter to the Human Resource department for quick facilitation. We are expecting that you will work better in the coming year and emerge as the best employee of the year.

Thank you once again for emerging one of the best employees we can take pride in, in the entire organization. You performed extremely well, and we are proud of you.


Joy Kapur
Human Resource Manager
Sweet Bread Bakery

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