Find out the contents and sample of an hourly employee evaluation form.

Sample hourly employee evaluation form

If you are running a production business or any other where the number of hours worked determine the performance of the employee, you can use hourly employee evaluation form. This form enables you to assess only those performance indicators, which affect productivity. Let’s outline the contents of the employee evaluation form.

Key sections in the evaluation form for hourly workers

Employee details

This section outlines the details of the employee you are evaluating. While it does not give much information concerning their performance, it will help you when you are filing the forms. This is in particular where you have several employees. Make sure to include the name, title, and department.

Administrator panel

In this section, the name of the administrator of the evaluation should be presented, the type of the evaluation, date of issue, and due date.

Performance indicators

Here, you have to choose the performance indicators carefully. Remember you are evaluating productivity. Hence, customer service and other elements that cannot be measured directly should not be listed in the form. Popular performance indicators for hourly employee evaluation include knowledge of work duties, accuracy or quality of work, punctuality and attendance, cooperation/ team building skills, and safe work practices.


This part should be completed by the administrator and the employee. The administrator should summarize the key points of the hourly employee evaluation. They should also provide recommendations for improving the employee’s weak points. On the other hand, employees should state whether they require training to help them improve their performance in the future. They should both sign the form.

Instructions to human resources

The last part of the hourly evaluation form should contain the instructions of the administrator to the human resources team. This entails the actions to take against the employee based on the level of their performance.

Hourly employee evaluation form sample

Company’s Letter head

Hourly Employee Evaluation Form

Employee Name: […] Hire Date: […]

Title: […] Department: […]

Administrator: […] Evaluation Type: […]

Date Issued: […]

Performance Indicators

Knowledge of duties

Demonstrates ability to perform their duties effectively and a clear understanding of their responsibilities

Outstanding / Satisfactory/ Needs Improvement/ Unacceptable

Accuracy/quality of work

Performs at a high level of competence, accuracy and great attention to detail.

Outstanding/ Satisfactory/ Needs Improvement/Unacceptable


Works effectively and efficiently with others.

Outstanding / Satisfactory /Needs Improvement/ Unacceptable

Punctuality/ Attendance

Always compliant with workplace schedules, and reports to work on time

Outstanding / Satisfactory/ Needs Improvement / Unacceptable

Safe work practices

Observes work safety guidelines

Outstanding / Satisfactory / Needs Improvement / Unacceptable


Administrator: Summary of the rating and recommendations


Employee Comments



Employees Signature/ Date

Administrator Signature / Date

Recommended Actions:

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