Performance evaluation is important in any particular organization. It helps employers to know how productive their employees are. It's, therefore, important for all managers to conduct a performance review at least annually. After doing performance, review managers should give a chance to the employees to comment on the performance review. Comments are an important aspect as they provide feedback based on performance.

Employee comments on annual performance review are also important in career development as they point out to areas the employee needs to improve. It's important that both employer and employee offer feedback after conducting the performance evaluation. The comments help the company to move forward and always keeps employees on toes. Here are some examples of employee comments on performance review.

Performance review

  • He engages the employees in setting the goals
  • Makes an effort in guiding employees and documenting performance
  • Encourages employees to improve on abilities and skills
  • He meets personally with employees to go over the performance review
  • He is proactive in performance evaluation


  • Contributes effectively to teamwork
  • Conveys a good relationship when working with others
  • He is cooperative and often appreciates others
  • He often looks forward to assisting others in the office
  • Projects an attitude of equality that encourages other employees despite his superiority
  • The employee can answer customer questions efficiently and politely
  • Often make positive comments that enhance a working relationship with others

Work product

  • He is self-driven and hence requires less supervision
  • He produces a high quality of work
  • Has high level of accuracy on work productivity
  • He is proud of work and often strives forward to performance improvement
  • His work conveys minimal errors and submitted on time

Decision making

  • He is cautious of how his decisions will affect his colleagues before coming into conclusion
  • He offers sound judgment before arriving at conclusion of any matter
  • Conveys analytical skills necessary for making any judgments
  • Often makes research to gather information needed to make a critical decision
  • Spends less time or no time to less important matters of his daily job
  • Offers creative and workable solutions to problems
  • He is cautious about assumptions and often never make any assumptions


  • Has efficient communication and excellent oral skills
  • Write annual reports on time with accurate grammar and punctuation
  • Always knows when to consult and whom to ask when a problem arises and when matters are not clear to him
  • His phone messages are very precise polite and complete
  • His encounter with customers is commendable with his close attention to them


  • Can be relied upon to work overtime when required with no complain
  • Always at work on time without being pushed
  • Completes his work precisely on time before leaving for the day
  • He is accountable and responsible throughout the working period
  • Never misses work without appropriate notification
  • Always does extra work for the time he has missed work

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