Any manager can tell that creating a detail minded and accurate employee feedback examples on performance can take a lot of time. Having the precise and concrete words means more than saying "strong/good/fair/ poor eye for details." For a long lasting employee feedback, you need to enrich your comments with phrases that will energize the employees to keep on with the good work and focus on quality and quantity of the task they perform. Here are employee feedback phrases samples on performance that you should consider adding to your performance review comments.

Exceed the expectation.

  • 100% reliable
  • Exceptional and original in quality.
  • Provide consistent work that is error-free
  • High level of performance
  • Great strategies and deliver quality results

Administrative performance feedback

  • Zero tolerant to error and mistakes.
  • Establishes efficient systems to successfully meet the objectives
  • Well organized and accurate to the task performance.
  • Great eye for detail.
  • Engage the employees and encourages collaboration.
  • Inspires other to work better.

Employees Communication

  • Effectively communicate the details
  • Fails to meet expectations as the contract.
  • Quickly become distracted and omits the details
  • Does not get down to the details
  • Inaccurate, or provide incomplete details.
  • Never meet deadlines.
  • Comfortable and approachable for question and comments.

Planning activities

  • Develop plans that drive tremendous results
  • Effectively implements plans into actions.
  • Great ideas and suggestion that are implementable.
  • Creative in planning alternative actions to meet changes
  • Get the most out of limited results.

Problems solving

  • Excellent in providing alternative solution
  • Creative in solutions
  • Opportunist
  • Skilled in implementing solutions
  • Good judgment in providing solutions.
  • Strong analytic skills

Time Management

  • Consistent and meet all the deadlines
  • Quick timesaving agendas
  • Follow the meeting schedules timely.
  • Respect other people's time
  • Plan and execute plans promptly.

Personal skills portrayed.

  • Offers a helping hand to others in need.
  • Goal-oriented and always meet the objectives.
  • Good understanding and have a good mutual relationship.
  • Useful in building good work relationship.
  • Generates synergy


  • Accept any strategy that results to high results.
  • Pushes an extra mile to get the work done.
  • Always on the rise.
  • Has adopted new improvement strategies.
  • Occasionally arrives late.

Work productivity

  • Does not require any supervision.
  • Complete work promptly.
  • Accurate and error free.
  • Strive to improve the level of work performance.
  • Outstanding job performance.
  • Team player and has good working relationship.


  • Always arrive to work on time.
  • Good attendance record.
  • Occasionally leaves from work early.
  • Never absent without prior communication.
  • Available to offer a hand and answer employees' question.
  • Straight forward and honest.

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