Employee performance appraisal offers a chance for the employer to evaluate the employee. Although the assessment is for the purpose of the organization to learn the commitment of the employee to meet the goals, the company may also use the opportunity to evaluate himself. The answers that the employee gives will help the manager identify areas that he would never have guessed. Here are some employee performance evaluation answers that you expect to get when you conduct the performance appraisal.

Problem-solving abilities answers.

  • I jump straight forward to fix problems once they arise.
  • I can close down a problem before it becomes too big.
  • My analytic skills help me determine a problem before it occurs.
  • I consult the manager before making any decision
  • I zero on a problem and able to stay focused until it over.


  • This year I have worked hard to improve my team skills
  • I have learned the dynamics of my team and able to communicate effectively.
  • In eagerness to complete work efficiently, sometimes am not the best team player.
  • I hardly welcome other people ideas during group activities.
  • I like sharing and contributing in brainstorming activities.


  • My customer rates me the best.
  • I have the lowest error rate in our department
  • I receive awards for being the best in customer support and clarity.
  • I respond as soon as possible to customers inquiries.
  • I forward complain and arising problems to my supervisor immediately.

Skills evaluation answers

  • My organization skills assist me greatly in delivering my services.
  • My interpersonal skills contributed a lot in getting the work done.
  • I will attend a course in the next month to help with my management skills
  • I have the knowledge and expertise needed to help with my job.
  • I need help to improve my customer handling skills.


  • You can always depend on me to perform any job.
  • My punctuality at workplace helps greatly to finish my skills.
  • Am hardly absent in meetings
  • Right in management
  • My job is always precise and accurate.

Quality of work answers

  • I have few errors but am prompt to rectify them.
  • My work is accurate and error free.
  • The quality of my work is of high level.
  • The quality of my job is incomparable.
  • I take pride in my success and strive to improve my work performance

Communication answers

  • Am focusing on improving my communication skills.
  • I communicate with the correct channels to the employee.
  • I strictly adhere to the communications channels.
  • I openly give feedbacks and comments when necessary.
  • I communicate well in oral and written skills

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