Discuss the way forward for improvement in employee performance

employee performance improvement letter

Once a performance evaluation has been carried out on all the staff, it is time to deliver the verdict on both the best performers and the underperformers. For the best performers mostly come out very quickly since its more of a congratulatory message, but to the underperformers, it takes lots of energy to communicate a negative message in a positive way.  It is vital to write a performance improvement letter to ensure you have records for future reference.

An example of a performance improvement letter

Mabel Davis,
822 Shub Farm Avenue
Burlington, MA 01803

June 10, 2015

Bob Timely,
The Bread Basket,
369 W. Magnolia St.
Dracut, MA 01826
Via Hand Delivery

REF: Performance Improvement needed

Dear Ms. Davis,

This letter is written to confirm in writing the discussion we had on May 12, 2015 concerning your underperformance. As agreed, it is unacceptable to continue keeping you here if you will not improve your productivity.

I have outlined a plan that will help you improve your performance by far if carefully followed. I have developed this program to an acceptable standard as defined by the company.  In the past, your supervisor has already shared with you his concerns about your performance. The cumulative results of your performance show the unwillingness or inability to conform to expected standards. You are given an opportunity to prove us wrong by working to improve your performance.

Your supervisor together with your colleagues has spent many hours explaining the appropriate way to do your job with no much results. You have had the privilege to attend training that was meant to equip you thoroughly but still all these attempts have not any of our expectations.

To assist you one more time, I am at this moment establishing a thirty day improvement period beginning 1st June to 30th June 2015 that will be highly monitored by your supervisor. All aspects of your work will be closely monitored, and you will be expected to report your progress daily. Your supervisor will hold periodic meetings to discuss your performance and watch your efforts. 

Your current job responsibilities continue to be the same nothing changes, and you won't receive nay new task in the 30 days period but shall work on what you are acquainted with.
You are free to ask any questions but in the meantime prepare for the 30-day period and get ready to give the company an excellent report by the end of this time.


Bob Timely,
Human Resource Manager,
The Bread Basket

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