Formulate ideas for your employee recognition events as a way of motivation.

8 Top ideas for employee recognition event ideas

Every employee works for such long hours every day, and when it becomes a habit, it can sometimes go unappreciated. It's important to recognize their effort and reward them to show appreciation. Employee recognition has a direct correlation to employee satisfaction and as we all know satisfied employees do work better and are less inclined to leave. Employee recognition makes the workers feel appreciated and manage their job easier. Companies that have a tendency of understanding their workers always retain the best staff and get their best services. A little acknowledgment goes a long way towards boosting the employee's morale.

Examples of ideas for employee recognition event ideas

  • Massage treatment - Your employees spend most of their day up on their feet or hunched over their computers; a chance to go out for a deep massage can surely help them relax and will be much appreciated.
  • Birthday/anniversary off - For any major milestone that your employee is celebrating you can give them a day or two off as a way to recognize them for efforts in the workplace.
  • Meditation, yoga or any other exercise -Give your employees vouchers to their favorite exercise classes to help them get active and forget the everyday stress. They will appreciate that you care about their health as much as you care about the money they make.
  • Change their offices - This will make every employee want to work hard and earn a new position. You can change their desks, the paint and anything else you can think about. You can have the employee choose their color and positioning of their office to make them more relaxed in their new offices.
  • Catered lunch/breakfast - Your employees will automatically enjoy a surprise meal. You can have pizzas delivered to the office or have them go out to an already booked restaurant for a great lunch/breakfast. 
  • Bring in educational speakers - give your employees a treat of the best leaders in your industry that will introduce to new things that will make them greater in their work.
  • Select the training of their choice - With a planned budget, allow the employees to choose the training they want and where they will take it. This left to them is more efficient than when they are forced to take training they don't want.
  • Plan for an executive session during office hours - In most cases, the regular employees do not get any opportunity to meet them. Plan a schedule where they get to meet them, share ideas and ask questions to the leaders of their organizations.

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