Top 21 employee recognition ideas for call center agents

In any organization, the call center agents are necessary. They are the reasons why the customers’ traffic is still on in your company. Remember that an agent in an organisation requires specific customers service skills to assist them to deal with different customer service team. They always have to give a solution that doesn’t risk your company services. The work of a call center is to deal with each an individual having different inquiries and give a solution that satisfies the customers. It's not an easy task and sometimes it may interfere with the moods of your center agents.

However, recognition is one of the ways you can reduce the stress from the customer service work. The way you plan and execute the recognition will determine the productivity of your call center agents. Try out the following employee recognition ideas for call center agents before the next call.

Inexpensive ideas

  • Note- A “thank you” note will work the trick.
  • Stickers – Telling agent “you rock” will put a smile on his/her face.
  • Wall of fame- Picture of your call center team on the wall.
  • Public recognition- Recognizing the support team during the annual general meeting.
  • Happy hour surprise- reward the employee during their happy hour breaks.

Appreciation awards

  • External nomination – nominate representatives for foreign awards.
  • Annual dinner- there is no better way than have employee recognized in annual employee dinner.
  • Trophy- award weekly, monthly or quarterly for the top performing.
  • Gifts cards- this is the best way to keep your employee engaged.
  • Vouchers- not the best idea but the employee will feel appreciated.
  • Certificates- issue publicly certificates to the best customer service.

Classic ideas

  • A day off- let the employee enjoy a day out.
  • Customer service day of the week- celebrate your call agent at least once per week.
  • Tickets- to movies, sporting events, etc.
  • Unique off project- let an agent choose a project besides his daily duty.
  • Training – customer support to attend conference or webinars of their choice.

Motivational ideas

  • Awards- annual, semi, quarterly and monthly prizes.
  • Feedback- let the agents give you feedback and comments on how to improve their services.
  • Flexibility- allow flexibility with the call center department.
  • Benefits- provide benefits to the employees.
  • Peer recognition- allow employees to appoint the best call center agents for an award.

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