A recognition speech is given to appreciate the effort of an employee who is being given an award. As a supervisor or manager, you may be required to give the speech and are wondering where to start so that you can deliver a speech that will make the employee feel appreciated and also to impress other employees. The secret is to choose the right content, which means you should prepare your speech well in advance before presenting it

How to write an employee recognition speech

  • Thank all the people involved in the award ceremony. Explain the award the employee is receiving. Not everyone may know about it.
  • Focus on the recipient, thank him or her for the contribution, for being part of the company and give the reason for winning the award. Appreciate the recipient in his or her capacity as the colleague and employee.
  • Tell a performance related story about the employee as an example of how he or she got the achievement. Give the employee's accomplishments and explain the importance of the employee's contribution to the mission of the company. Encourage other employees to emulate recipient
  • Include humor in the speech to create a lighter note. Thank the recipient for the achievement and also thank the other employees for their contribution.
  • Rehearse and memorize the speech


I would like to thank everyone who made this day a success. Every year during the annual meeting, we recognize an employee who has given the company an exemplary performance. This year, the winner will get a trophy and a $200 check as a token of appreciation. The winner is a dedicated employee who has been with the company for many years, and I would like to appreciate the great work he has done. Without his relentless effort, we would not have signed up one of our biggest clients. I remember a time during the negotiation process when he went beyond the call of duty to host the potential customer. His notable success did not start today as the company has landed many clients through him. He has set a good example, and I would like to urge other employees to emulate him as I also thank them for their effort. I am pleased to announce that the company's employee of the year is Jack Welch. Congratulations Jack and thank you for the job well done.

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